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Jayashree Rao, who runs Ethnic India, hails from Mangalore, a port town located in the state of Karnataka, South India. Her coastal upbringing helped her to develop an interest in color and art from a young age.  She grew up in an artistic atmosphere where her maternal grandfather and aunts had a flair for painting.

Apart from a professional degree, Jayashree has a Diploma in Fashion Designing and Arts from the reputed J.D Institute of Fashion Technology & Arts, Bangalore.

Today she shares great interest in Indian folk art, specializing in Warli and Madhubani, also known as the “Mithila” art.  In an age of contemporary style and art, Jayashree strongly advocates going back to our roots to revive folk art which is slowly becoming extinct.

Besides her love for art, Jayashree is passionate about interior decoration and fashion styling.  She lives in Plainfield in the Chicago land area and has several wall paintings to her credit.  She likes to call her house a canvas and an artist’s retreat – all in one!

The paintings in the Ethnic India picture gallery below are Jayashree’s creation.
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