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What is Bollywood Dancing ?

Our Focus....
  • Background to Bollywood
  • Learn a dance routine
  • Achieve excellent rhythm and co-ordination to dance to any music
  • Improve your ability to pick up dance steps instantly
  • Use your full range of body movements and get those inflexible parts moving effortlessly and using hand gestures and foot movements.
  • Build a database of moves to help you choreograph dance routines
  • Work on facial expressions
  • Use story telling as a part of dance
  •  Benefits ...

    • To gain confidence
    • To keep fit
    • To perform live
    • To overcome stage fear
    • To avoid common mistakes when learning and performing dance
    • To meet new people
    • And most important is to have lots and lots of fun !!! 


    Comfortable gym gear or track suit pants, sneakers, scarf around the hips, feel free to wear any Indian accessories Bindis and Bangles for fun

    Bollywood dancing is Modern Indian dance combining: Bhangra, Classical Indian, Arabic and Indian Folk performed to the latest and Bollywood tracks.

    Each dance class involves: Warm ups and Isolations, Indian Classical, Bhangra and Indian folk dances technique with Choreographed Dance Routines just like you see in the Indian Bollywood Movies

    Recently due to the movie  Slumdog Millionaire ,  Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Bombay Dreams'  and various dance shows Bollywood has become hugely fashionable and Bollywood Dance is the latest dance craze so don't miss out.

    Make sure you start learning all the moves you need to know to become an amazing Bollywood dancer.

    Bollywood Rhythms is tailor made dance workshop for schools, colleges, universities, adult learning centers and other educational establishments. Having worked for over 15 years, we have vast experience working with all ages - from pre-schoolers, adults, and people with special needs.

    Our dance studio is also perfect for social and public events such as exhibitions, Birthdays, cultural days and group gatherings. In fact, Bollywood Rhythms is the perfect activity to get your audience to interact, take part in your event and take home a memory and a new interest!


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