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Bollywood Rhythms Registrations Open

Course Format

Children of age 6 and above are welcome to attend this course.  Classes are held once a week and each class is of 60 minutes in duration.  Every class will start with the basic art form, leading to a more intricate pattern.

Before working on the Madhubani painting, the children will learn about the color wheel and mixing techniques.15 minutes of each class will be devoted to story sessions from Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, relevant to the painting. 

Along with the learning of the art, classes will be fun, educational and will involve a lot of student-teacher interaction.

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Month to Month Rate  -  $50 per student, per month.  60 min classes held once a week, except designated Holidays.  


1.  Drawing book(not a sketch book) with thick quality paper (Hobby Lobby has good ones)
2.  Crayola  regular color pencils ( a set of 24)
3.  Good quality regular pencils, eraser, sharpner & ruler.
4.  An extra fine point Sharpie pen in black - 2 quantity.

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