Bollywood Rhythms
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Naperville, IL 60540
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Bollywood Rhythms Registrations Open

Dance Classes

All classes will start with a warm up that focuses on stretches and toning. Each class is 45 minutes in duration.

In the Basic classes, students will learn the fundamental moves of Bollywood dance. The focus in the Basic Level classes is on coordinating simple dance movements, on understanding the significance of body discipline and rhythm and on having fun in class!

In the Elementary classes, students will enhance the moves learnt in the basic level classes. The focus in the Elementary classes is on technique, on body discipline, on lyrical based movements, on definition of body lines and on having a great time in class!

In the Intermediate classes, students will learn the various dynamics of stage performance. The student focuses on spatial awareness, on technique and on becoming a versatile performer.

What to wear

Comfortable gym gear or track suit pants, Sneakers, Scarf around the hips, feel free to wear any Indian accessories  like  Bindhis and Bangles for fun.

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