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Bollywood Rhythms is the best place to learn Bollywood dancing! I have been a student there for six years and I can already tell how much my dancing and use of facial expressions has improved. This is all due to the talented dance teacher, Bhagya Nagesh, who year after year throws out amazing songs and steps for her students to dance on. It is through her that my love for dancing has grown. Not only is it a great opportunity to do physical activity and be connected to the Indian culture, but it is also a great opportunity to meet new people. Every week I look forward to coming to this amazing studio that has become like a family to me and learning from the most talented teacher around, Bhagya Nagesh. If you are looking to have some fun and learn Bollywood dancing at a top quality dance studio, I would definitely recommend Bollywood Rhythms to you

~Alisha Kumar~

Bollywood Rhythms is the absolute best place to learn dance!! I danced here for 6 years and loved every minute of it! I came here when I was in 7th grade and didn’t really care much about dancing, but I quickly started loving it! It was amazing stress relief for me and it really helped me with stage presence and self confidence! It helped me grow as a dancer and also as a person. Today, dance is my life and I can’t go even a day without it! It makes up a huge part of who I am, and this is all because of my experience at Bollywood Rhythms! The teacher, Bhagya Nagesh, is the best!! She’s so funny, encouraging, and skilled as a choreographer! Even today when I am in college she continues to encourage me in my dancing endeavors. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me! The opportunities she gives her dancers are endless! Throughout my years here I was able to participate in a variety of performances such as performances at lemont temple, Independence Day celebrations, and even fox valley mall! I was also able to compete in dance competitions like Starbound, KAR, Tribute etc. Because of these amazing opportunities, I was able to grow as a dancer. The people that come here are also very friendly and I have met some amazing lifelong friends at this studio! You really do become a part of the Bollywood Rhythms family if you join! So, if you’re looking to improve your dancing skills, self confidence, and just have a good time, this is the place for you! I’m sure you will fall in love with it just like I have!

- Shalini Kumar

”Was a very shy kid and Bhagya Aunty has made me get out of my cocoon and be more social and have the courage to stand in front of the crowd without any second thought. Improved my self confidence. Thank you Bollywood Rhythms


The BEST place to enjoy and learn the diverse forms of Indian/Bollywood dancing! The variety and creativity are unparalleled. We have been going to Bhagya for 5 years and have loved every minute of it.

~Rachana Jain~